Fluffy Links – May 21st 2007

Dublin North medley – We built this city.

Blogorrah delete comments which pointed out they thought Olywn Enright was a bloke. They fix the post and delete the comment. Tut tut.

Via John Breslin BarCamp Belfast -You going?

Krishna mentions a handy new networking group for new startups in Dublin called Link.

Via Lar, Penguins, penguins, penguins!

Rock the Vote is not the golden haired boy. They’re even spamming Twenty. John dislikes them too. Least their sugar-daddy loves them. Long time.

Thinking of you.

Colbert as Colbert and out of character. (Mostly)

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – May 21st 2007”

  1. One guy from rockthevote spammed Politics.ie about 20 times on Saturday night, completely pissing everyone on the site off, fucking kids!

  2. Cian says:

    Huge thanks for posting the Colbert video. Entirely worth the hour and 10 minutes it takes to watch.

  3. Damien says:

    Yeah he rocks. But much unlike a vote at the same time.

  4. Cloudlands says:

    BarCamp Belfast on 30th June

    Anyone else from the Irish boggersphere going to BarCamp Belfast at the end of the month?
    I will be giving a talk on “Semantic Web 2.0″ – or how the Semantic Web can aid Web 2.0 sites…
    Looking forward to the event, and if you’re…