Fluffy Links – May 18th 2007

Bubble Brothers have a new blog. Yay.

Don’t be fucking stupid. Mark II.

Ahh election poster vandalism.

Yup, one blog can make Apple lose 4Billion of their valuation in one day.

David Cameron tries out working in other professions to see is he any good. Goes back to politics in the end.

Reboot 9 rough agenda is now online. Tom is talking at it!

Skype will now do games. Skype should have been doing software and digital delivery for the past 2 years. Instead the founders go and make Joost. Morons.

Nice remix of Stars’ “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Final Fantasy.

The cyberwar between Russia and Estonia is still going on.

Win electric picnic tickets. Sold out event. Tickets are like golddust.

On the growing number of party fanboys on politics.ie Same for many forums I suppose.

Good ole Hitchens on Falwell:

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – May 18th 2007”

  1. dahamsta says:

    Interesting approach to copyright by Aine Brady there, winning her a “clueless bint” classification in two technology categories.

  2. “Instead the founders go and make Joost. Morons.”

    Huh? I never use Skype, I watch about 4 hours of Joost per week! 🙂

  3. Damien says:

    I meant Skype. Not Joost. They eBay should have been using Skype as a platform for all types of two-way delivery.

  4. roosta says:

    I hate Christopher Hitchens, but I suppose it shows what a useless fucker Falwell was that I’ll applaud his slamming eulogy.

    great clip.

  5. Lar Veale says:


    just spotted a fantastic blog, you might like to profile it. It’s all about penguins….


  6. Shane says:

    Stunning display by Hitchens. “Do you get an idea now of what I mean to say?” Think so.