PD’s Broadband Manifesto – Stillborn

The P.D.s really took time to put thought into this:

Guarantee a state-of-the-art communications network, driven by competition, to which all players in the market have equal access.

State owned? Privately owned? One owner? What?

Fund nationwide broadband coverage.

How how how how?

Wow, the worst manifesto ever. Really shows how much they care about communications.

6 Responses to “PD’s Broadband Manifesto – Stillborn”

  1. […] Broadband is one of the major issues of concern to anyone worried about our economy in the forthcoming century. Takeup and rollout have been awful for years. Damien has taken a look at the goverment parties broadband strategy. Far from being peripheral this is a central plank (as far as I see) to economic policy, job creation and development of a society in the 21st century. The FF manifesto, despite ten years in government, is weakest of all. That is excluding a PD party that doesn’t give a shite. […]

  2. Fund nationwide broadband coverage. Neelie Kroes won’t allow that! Or so she hinted last week.

  3. Evert says:


    How about you post on what would be the best solution to Irelands broadband problem in your opinion?


  4. Andrew says:


    Thanks for getting there first.

    The darn cheek of Damien to point out fudge promises from a party running for election.

    Golly gosh, who does he think he is?

  5. Evert says:

    Here we go again….
    Asking questions is obviously not allowed.
    Damien is apparently a demi-god and should be listened to without asking any questions…


  6. Andrew says: