Fluffy Links – May 17th 2007

Worst tattoo portrait based on a photo. EVER.

Every night club should have this.

This would go well with the Damien Hirst over the jacks bowl. Gasmask showerhead.

We changed over to the Euro when?

Never noticed that Dubliner magazine has a blog. Handy.

Joe wants an-off-the-shelf login service. I think?

Via BoingBoing: Dali on YouTube:

Pirates, arrrrr

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – May 17th 2007”

  1. zee homebug says:

    I see the Dubliner’s blog includes articles straight from the recent issue- that beats foolishly spending money on the magazine. Nice one!

  2. eimear says:

    Wow, that tattoo … it’s like the Maori granny version of the original.

  3. Conortje says:

    Maybe this is the beginning of a Bring Back the Pound campaign. A very sweet subtle beginning.

  4. Damien B says:

    That Dali piece is nothing if not surreal. I’m sure he enjoyed it.