Wanted: Blog and logo designer

Right to the point, I pay crap money but you will get recognition on the blogs for your work.

Looking for a designer for 3 different blogs:

1. Is for a professional/commercial blog. Will be using WordPress as the publishing platform. The blog will need a logo and a theme. Logo needs to be original and simple, blog needs to have a retro theme. I’m not willing to pay a lot for the work because I’m mean but if the blog starts making money, I’ll pay you more but I won’t guarantee it. Designers who like to gamble might be suited for this.

2. This blog is a tech-inclined blog which will need a logo, though nothing fancy and a “nice” theme. Not looking for anything big with this. Not looking for anything at all special here, just a deviation from a standard wordpress theme as I want something a little different. This pays less than above.

3. Looking for a new theme/design for Mulley.net. New template mainly. Again, nothing too special.

All different jobs so if you are interested in any, let me know by email. 1+2 are not going live for a while so you will have to agree to a possibly non-legally enforced NDA. 🙂 I’m notoriously difficult too, so be warned. (Really good at selling the idea of this aren’t I?)

5 Responses to “Wanted: Blog and logo designer”

  1. Barry says:

    Good Idea Damien, make the design a competition type thingy

    (do I get credit for any of this ;))

  2. Andrew says:

    MS Paint is your friend, you don’t even have to deal with any of those designy ponces.

  3. I’m with Andrew on this one.

    Graphic designers are all overpriced idiots who haven’t been properly educated.

    You wouldn’t want to work with one.

  4. 4Basra says:

    Don’t know what your budget is Damien, but I recommend Gudrun Hilmisdottir – http://www.ghilmis.net (hopefully her site is working).

    She designed my 4Basra logo and my johnreynolds.ie one and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

  5. Mulley, here are my portfolios:

    http://www.RespiroMedia.com – Christian web site design company
    http://www.ReLogoDesign.com – custom logo design services

    Please let me know if I can help.

    Thank you,