This is how Blacknight loses a very vocal customer. Again.

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8 Responses to “This is how Blacknight loses a very vocal customer. Again.”

  1. Barry says:

    So, are you the disgruntled customer ?

  2. Damien says:

    I haven’t even started to be.

  3. frankp says:


    Does this mean you are moving hosting provider? If so, who are you moving to?

  4. Salubri says:

    Hosting365 are pretty good (If you want Irish homegrown).
    Alternatively might offer a nice option.

  5. eamon says:

    I’m totally appalled by how Blacknight treat their customers. It’s completely unprofessional not to mention extremely dumb! If the senior management of the company focused their energies more on maintaining customer satisfaction and less on massaging their online egos they wouldn’t feel the need to moan about the ire they get from customers.

    Check out my preferred hosting partners IE Internet

  6. bernard says:

    And now we have the “oh these guys are great. go to them” comments from anonymous commenters.

    FFS, can people just stop touting business!

  7. Stephen says:

    Just for the record Bernard, Salubri above has nothing to do with hosting365, and I’ve only just come across this thread now.

  8. Salubri says:

    Sorry if there was confusion…

    I was in no way “touting”. If you follow the link from the comment you will see that it’s not particularly anonymous either (using a handle and posting anonymously are two entirely different things).

    You will notice that I mentioned two options (one of which I have used and so feel entitled to comment on and another that was recommended to me recently and looks like a great offering if you are not looking for a homegrown option). I am not affiliated with either party.