My Brightest Diamond – Possibly late to their party

I’m only just after discovering My Brightest Diamond via the amazing Hymne à l’amour video below. Shane over yonder at the Torture Garden have been on about them for a long time and young Bracken had My Brightest Diamond in his top 10 for 2006. Worth checking out alright.

Check out this video:
Hymne à l’amour


This video is full of energy – Tainted Love Cover (Live)

One Response to “My Brightest Diamond – Possibly late to their party”

  1. Charlie says:

    Hi Damien, shame on you for taking so long to discover the ever so lovely MBD! She’s the most wonderful voice I think…kinda like a dreamy mixture of PJ Harvey and Liz Fraser.

    Have you heard ‘Gone Away’? It’s downright spooky…

    In fact, the whole workhorse album is fantastic…but stay away from the remix album that came out recently…it’s a dead dog.