Fluffy Links – May 7th 2007

Crazy and stupid. A giant catapult for base jumpers.

A virtual dog walking arcade game. Of course.

Does Leitrim really exist?

Via FatMammyCat – Jesus is back and now he’s pissed. Next Christmas forgivness comes down the barrel of a gun:

Jonathan Coulton – First of May

Fuck that godawful Police and Snowpatrol mashup, Rick O’Shea should play this on his show. C’mon Rick!

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – May 7th 2007”

  1. […] Nuts! Thanks to Damien for finding that one! […]

  2. Conor says:

    I’ve spent many years trying to convince people that someone like Sean Quinn should buy Leitrim or Roscommon.

    Whoever does buy them then needs to build a motorway to Knock, cover a large area of the counties in a canopy and build a Formula 1 track and a bunch of casinos. If Vegas can be built in a desert, then we can do our own in a bog. They would have 100% employment and bring in billions in gambling revenue.

    You know it makes sense.