Beating Blogorrah to it – The Trevor is a badass too, like Vincent

Via the Green Party Flickr account. (Kudos for having one lads and ladies.)

We already know Vincent is a badass but where does Irish politics’ baddest badass go when he’s hungry? (And also Politician of the year) Same place that Chuck Norris goes to when he’s in Dublin – The Badass Cafe. Badasses do in fact dine there. (They have a special box that goes on top of Norris’ chair so he can reach the table.) Oh and that’s milk they’re drinking. Enough of your Marc Almond jibes. In case you need to know Ciaran Cuffe dines in Govindas while Eamonn Ryan dines on tuna friendly baby dolphins in chez Jacques.

I'm the baddest badass, mofo

FYI, Chuck Norris, son of David, is pictured on the right below. Don’t let his Koala-like cuddliness fool you. Like a real Koala, he can take you:
Chuck Norris is on the right.

5 Responses to “Beating Blogorrah to it – The Trevor is a badass too, like Vincent”

  1. Deborah says:

    You know they bottle Chuck Norris’ piss? It’s called Red Bull! 😉 The Bad Ass cafe was a staple of my childhood… what a place!

  2. Paul Browne says:

    My claim to fame is that when I was younger , I bought a train set from Mark Dearey (the guy on the right of Trevor Sargent in the first photo). And yes, it still works.

    Cue some tagline about Greens making trains work etc etc but I just can’t seem to get to words together to make it remotely funny.

  3. Koala-like? The whole scene looks more Coca-Cola-like to me. That or a bad ad for Valentine’s day merchandise. New logo needed, lads.

  4. Niall O'K says:

    I’ve a different claim to fame regarding Mark Dearey – I interviewed him on the radio back in August. We talked about his court battle with the Irish government and the Sellafield nuclear power plant, his musical likes and loves, his rock’n’roll venue the “Spirit Store”, and loads more. Very nice chap.

  5. neil says:

    I just hit their Flickr account to have a look.

    It’s clear they’re uploading photos by email – not a bad idea but their email software obviously appends the message “Sent using Vodafone Business Email” (making this the description for all the photos). Makes it look like they’re doing ads on their stream