Fluffy Links – April 25th 2007

Tips on social engineering. Or how with a bluetooth headset, a shirt and tie and a clipboard, you can crash any event.

Gore could still run. and it appears that some people are putting a campaign team together.

Via Paddy Anglican is the clip of Buddy Jesus. Stephen is actually an Anglican priest. At the wedding I was recently at and I swear to < insert deity here > this is true, the mural inside over the church doors had a Jesus that pretty much was doing the Buddy Jesus pose. Really odd.

Amateur is king on YouTube? Still as popular if all copyrighted stuff removed?

Newswise now has a Guns and Violence channel?

Not a bad list of podcasts.

Say hello to Derfen.

They’re nicknamed crackberries for a reason.

Remember this? Found DVDs for download online of the first season, yet you cannot buy them online.

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – April 25th 2007”

  1. That Equaliser clip brings back memories. Been years since I’ve seen an episode and to be honest completely forgot about it. It’s a wonder it hasn’t had a rerun on UK Gold or similar. Good show as I recall.

  2. Thanks for the link Damien – First time over here – enjoying your blog! 🙂

  3. derfen says:

    Thanks for the shout, boss.

  4. Hangar Queen says:

    Ah….Ed Woodward in a Jag kicking some major botty in NYC…Splendid.Thanks for that and now I’m going to be humming that theme (Stuart Copeland btw) all night at work.
    Someone might get “Equalized” in D.C. tonight.