God is in the machine?

So it seems the megachurches are coming to Second Life and now also comes the idea of selling Jesus via Twitter. Hmmm

One Response to “God is in the machine?”

  1. Ozyman says:

    It was bound to happen. SL is an incredible platform to potentially do every manner of thing, fantastic and real. It is the Wild West.

    As voice enters (next month, and it will be optional) and as an increasingly photo-realistic virtual world emerges, the “metaverse” platform will become more immersive and amazing. And attractive to all the institutions in society who feed off the talent and energy it contains.

    It is inevitable that less open-ended, less creative “virtual worlds” will be financed by big corporations aiming to get their slice of revenue. That’s beginning to happen now.

    Also pedictably big business and big religion are colonizing Second Life. Fortunately it is easy enough to avoid. For the moment.

    I would recommend that anyone with a fairly new computer and fairly fast connection check out SL — secondlife dot com/?u=d4d1b0cb52fb1ba4952e930e3c4d9a5d

    It takes about 10 minutes to pick a name and sign up (it’s free, but it’s easy to use a credit card to get funds to buy stuff when you’re “inworld”). But it’s not necessary to spend anything.

    Try to use it in off-peak hours and you won’t be bogged down by server overload. Spend hours at “Help Island” learning how to navigate SL–you won’t regret the time spent.

    The best church experience I’ve had in SL was in the dystopia named “Midian City”, modeled on “Blade Runner”. It’s nothing like Jerry Falwell’s megachurch, I assure you.