Fluffy Links – April 13th 2007

Final plug (this week), don’t forget to register for ShareIT on April 28th in Dublin.

Just like a man.

A blog on men’s issues and non-issues by Irish Times columnist Padraig O’Morain, author of Like A Man – A guide to men’s emotional wellbeing.

No standing ovation for Mary it seems.

Best band evar, ever, EVURRR. Nialler is totally unbiased. 🙂

Hemingway, Dietrich letters reveal 30-year relationship. That’s some unrequited love going on there. Ernie was a bit of a charmer alright:

“What do you really want to do for a life work? Break everybody’s heart for a dime? You could always break mine for a nickel and I’d bring the nickel.”

Scoble gives TV tips. Handy ones they are. Nice one Roberto!

Hooray for NewKlur power. Thanks Andy!

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