Fluffy Links – April 5th 2007

It’s not a website dumbass, it’s a fucking “online office“. Get with the times!

This is a really cool Flickr Tag Browser.

Ireland Turns Dictatorship. Yes. Quite.

Apparently, this is me with a tache. Justin Mason has a better tache.

6 Ministers stuck in a lift. Would you like to be stuck in a lift with Harney and Hannifan? Bertie would be a laugh but the other 5? They called in the army to get them out.

In the States, to keep you watching the ads, they now have mini- programmes on during the ads. Are these ad widgets? Maybe they could make ad breaks shorter so?

New blog. De Midlander. From Cowen country.

The dildo song:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – April 5th 2007”

  1. Justin’s tache is a national treasure. I’m sure he could get a grant for its upkeep from the OPW.

  2. Agreed! Justin’s ‘tache is the pimp ass fo’ shizzle.