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ShareIT – Moved to Civ Eng Building in UCC

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Smaller, cosier venue. Do come along! Planning for ShareIT Dublin on April 28th has now started.

Link love – March 23rd 2007

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Tims Times reaches the parts other blogs never reach. You know the parts I mean. Oh actually you don’t, you sick puppy. I meant in the niche market area that blogs are great for. Tim Ruttledge’s blog on all thing maritime is great though. Feedburner feed. Flickr profile.

Damien Blake. Do not call him “the Blakester”. He doesn’t like that. He won’t give you a lift in one of his 8 different sports cars. In unrelated news Damien is a politician with the peoples party – Fianna Fail. Feedburner feed. Twitter profile.

Kevin Peyton’s Health Tech Blog. Unlike Biotech health blogs that talk about making creatures made from men and leopards and trout, this is devoted strictly to tech and health. He has very interesting views on how the bionic woman makes a better superhero than Wonder Woman. That right Kevin?

Then there’s Kav. He’s like the male version of a female Kav. He is not of this country anymore. No I don’t mean he’s dead. He lives in Scotland or if you want to annoy a Scot, called it Northern England. Kav is sound. Feedburner feed.

Fluffy Links – March 23rd 2007

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

ShareIT is on tomorrow. I am not shutting down any PC! There’s lots of space still and it now starts at 10am. Do come along if you have time.

Car sharing in Cork. Give feedback?

Now that’s a touchscreen. got a nice online music player. Check it out.

The guy that did the pro-Obama, anti-Hilary video has resigned from his job.

CSS are playing Cork. They’re a band. Pah, nerds!

McDowell loves his press releases.

So NewsCorp and NBC are building a YouTube competitor but have yet to give it a name. So Google did and called it Clown Co. It may just stick.

Dave Winer is now keynoting at the Flattening of Politics conference in New York in May. As of last night I was going. As of this morning I am not as while I was comfortable skipping one college exam to go, I now realise I would have to skip two. Can’t afford to do that. I really think an Irish representative should go to this and I’m willing to start a fund to get someone to go.

Any update on Educamp Ireland? I’m considering doing another *camp but about activism.

If you want to have a cool brand, you have to do cool shit. Amen brother.

Delicious is his Twitter. Apparently.

Link love – March 22nd 2007

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

There once was a man from Venus. Then he moved to Nantucket. Or was it Scunthorpe? Or maybe Nobber in whatever county that place is in. Anthony‘s blog is not based there.

If the Robots win we’ll have to listen to techno. Niall O’Keeffe will not allow this. He has even invested heavily in spandex gear to prevent this horrible awful future. Support Niall’s plan to stop robots like 6 from Battlestar luring innocent men into having the time of their lives.

Staying on the robot theme. Do androids really dream of electric sheep? Robert Synnott hasn’t answered. The shit. I mean they even turned the question into a book to get more attention so he’d have to answer. Stubborn isn’t he? He should, dontcha think? Join me and sign the petition. Feedburner feed. Delicious profile. Twitter profile.

Grandad makes me feel uncomfortable. He’s doing the opposite of Google really. Google don’t want you to say “I Googled for that” whereas this guy is reclaiming the generic word, the same way the gayers have reclaimed the word “homosexual” and made it sound all descriptive instead of the old version which meant happy and nice.

Fluffy Links – March 22nd 2007

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Yay, Twenty. Stay tuned to see more media deals being done with bloggers this year.

Ok, maybe it’s me, but I thought this piece on the Limerick Blogger was a piss-take. Who names a kid “Robin Money”, isn’t that a whacky DJ name, like Robin Banks?

Spaces available still at ShareIT Cork. All bloggers welcome!

Harry Potter leaves Bloggorah. Best of luck Larry!

Calling all Irish Video bloggers

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Anyone got a list? I have one from the Blog Awards but would really like to try and find more of the video bloggers from Ireland. If people can point me to folks on YouTube, I’d appreciate it.

Happy New Year Maryam

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

She knows what I mean. Was out with an Irish/Iranian friend today who was telling me about it.

May it just be the start – Twenty gets book deal

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Well deserved.

School vouchers for business – Thoughts?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

So what are ypur thoughts on these “innovation vouchersfrom the Government. It ain’t no smoking ban Micheál!

Link love – March 21st 2007

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

She was fucking robbed. It was all a setup. Yer man that runs the Awards is Twenty’s brother like. Of course he was going to win. Shafted she was. The Swearing Lady, ladies and gentlemen. This brilliant woman deserves more attention and if any press people are reading, suggest her to your editors. Original talent is needed and she has it. This has been a party-political broadcast on behalf of Sweary.

Joe Johnson is staying sane while in Germany. He has done this by turning the heart-rendering lyrics of Haddaway into mathematical equations and writing basic maths books for school kids. This has rightly pissed off the other 4 publishers in this strangely enough not-so-niche market. But what is love? Feedburner feed. Twitter profile. LinkedIn profile.

Red Fly is the ointment for your SEO itchy bits. Let me try again. Red Fly at night, SEO delight. Red Fly makes you get found when Googled. So there, you know now.

Adam Maguire was not seen on the grassy knoll. The answer to his motivation is not in Catcher in the Rye. Check out his blog, just in case, you know… Also check out his fab Dail30 project where he hopes to interview every one of the “representatives of the people”.