Link love – March 29th 2007

20% sugar, a touch of salt, a squeeze of lemon and a little flour. But enough about my secret icing ingredients. Read Primal Sneeze. There’ll be a test after on what you read.

Not exactly making the Bionic Woman. Or the bionic dog. A very nice niche blog and a welcome addition to the Irish blogging community. Embedded in Cork.

The Best DJ that ever played the Irish Blog Awards. A huge troublemaker, though I think the PC term now is “socialist”. A podcaster since before podcasts existed. It’s the Brian Greene show! Feedburner feed.

2 Responses to “Link love – March 29th 2007”

  1. […] Finally thanks to Damien Mulley for the plug on his excellent (and widely read) blog. Like many other bloggers in Ireland my interest in blogging owes a lot to his tireless (or tiring!) work. […]

  2. Lemon and salt?!?!? Remind me never to come come to your birthday party. Other than that, thanks, Damien.