ShareIT Followup – Thanks to all the speakers

Thank you to Jenny, Conor, Krishna, Laurence, Donagh and Richard for fantastic talk at the inaugural ShareIT event in Cork. Walter was unable to do his talk this time, but perhaps at the next Cork event? 🙂 There wasn’t a huge turnout, unfortunately, but I hope it was of value to everyone. I certainly learned a hell of a lot and had one or two of my views changed. Great thanks especially to Krishna, Laurence and Richard who came from Dublin for the day and did it all out of their own pockets. I’ll link to all the presentations in the next while. Also thanks to Diarmuid and Kris in the UCC SU for organising the venue.

The next event will take place at the Microsoft offices in Dublin on April 28th. Thanks for Clare Dillon for organising the room. Details of speakers/talks to follow.

12 Responses to “ShareIT Followup – Thanks to all the speakers”

  1. Damien,

    thanks a million for putting it all together. I really got an enormous amount from listening to Krishna, Donagh and Richard. Sorry to have missed Jenny and Conor.


  2. Had there only been one single attendee then the day would still have been a success. Given that there were a good number of people there who seemed to genuinely appreciate what was covered I think it’s safe to say that the event was a tremendous success.

    Well done Damien, Jenny, Conor, Krishna, Laurence & Donagh

  3. frankp says:

    Well done to all involved, I only caught the last talk – the atmosphere, the consensus on the previous speakers and the quality of Richard’s talk all made me wish I could have made it to more of the talks.

    Nice one Damien.

  4. Well done to all the other speakers and apologies for having to leave early. The enthusiasm of the audience told me how valuable a day it was.

  5. […] The first ShareIT session was held yesterday in UCC. Unfortunately I had to leave early but I did catch Jenny Kent’s and Krishna De’s presentations both of which were excellent and full of practical nuggets rather than generalities. This is a genuinely valuable initiative for those starting out in tech businesses. I highly recommend attending the next one in Dublin on April 28th in the Microsoft offices. […]

  6. As a member of the audience for the event I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday to make this event such a success. as someone on the brink of launching into the void of self-employment the day was invaluable to me and I gained a huge amount from it.

    Many thanks to all of you and I’ve only one thing to say to anyone who missed the Cork event, “Get up to Dublin for the next one”!

  7. Tom Corcoran says:

    Damien – thanks for an excellent day’s training. I have about ten pages of ideas to work on! I really enjoyed Conor’s talk on outsourcing, which wasn’t what I had expected and was very interesting. Laurence had some great ideas on simplifying writing for the web and his presentation in itself was worth a look. Krishna had some solid ideas on marketing, always with a view to generating profitable sales. Donagh’s no-nonsense approach to sales and his thoughts around things like scalable pricing was worth the trip to Cork.

    Between BarCamp, ShareIT and OpenCoffee its really impressive how much this community is willing to share knowledge and ideas. Another remarkable aspect is the absence of any tech snobbery. For example, its great to see bloggers and marketers who have an international reputation willing to explain blog fundamentals and identify resources to newcomers.
    Long may it last.

  8. Jenny Kent says:

    Thanks Damien, for organising a great day. I learned a lot from the other speakers and came away inspired by everyone’s willingness to spend their Saturday sharing knowledge & expertise – very open source!

    I was at a SoHo Solo meeting this morning where there was a lot of interest in the Business Advisory & ShareIT. I’ll be sure to include that group on the mailing list for the next session.

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  10. Damien – Just a note to say thanks for going to the trouble of organising the event as well as to everybody who spoke or just helped out. As Tom mentioned in an above comment its great to see a community with a very positive attitude being developed.

  11. Brian Murphy says:

    To echo the statements above, I’d also like to express my sincere thanks to all the organisers and speakers. It was a very interesting day and long may these events continue. I hope to be able to “pay it forward” in the future.

    The common thread amongst the speakers was the multiple benefits of blogging and with that in mind I’m going to get my blog sorted this week.

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