Fluffy Links – March 7th 2007

More of this.

Ahhh hah, Frank has a tash. His beard for the other play was better. Ticket to the tash are still on sale.

I’m noticing a lot of ads in my various Gmail accounts for the LinkedIn profile of Facebook VP Matt Cohler. He used to work in LinkedIn too. I wonder what that costs on a daily basis.

I see Bebo staff are using Google Apps for their mail now.

Tom Murphy makes mention of the “Technology Journalists’ Association of Ireland”. A Google brings back nothing for them but I have heard some chatter about a Tech Journo Association being formed/reborn. I have found references to the “Irish Science & Technology Journalists Association” but their webpage on IOL is dead.

Jason Kottke points out what a farce the Red campaign was.

Also Via Kottke The David Fincher 6-6-6 Tribute. His 6 Best Music Videos, 6 Best Commericals, and 6 Best Movies.

This has been doing the rounds the past few days: Help the Police by Adam Buxton. A cleaned up version of “Fuck the Police”. Classic.

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – March 7th 2007”

  1. Tom Murphy says:


    The Technology Journalists’ Association of Ireland is alive and well with 30 members. I believe Adrian Weckler is in the chair.


  2. frankp says:

    you have to see the tache before you make comparisons… I hope to get a good picture soon… it’s pretty tache-tastic… the worrying thing is I’m getting used to it now… 😀

  3. frankp says:

    that help the police is excellent…

  4. c says:

    While making fun of anything in any way related to Bono is easy and popular – the fact is that the $18 million Red has raised (in less than one year) for the Global Fund is more than had been raised by the private sector for the Global Fund in the past four years combined. Hardly a “farce.”

    But, yeah, Bono is THE SUK and all that …

  5. kav says:

    Cheers for the link Damien – you’ve singlehandedly doubled my readers! Both of them are really sound.