Fluffy Links – February 6th 2007

Gamma Goblin found a Garda fetish site. Haha!

Via Iain Dale is news that the Tories will scrap ID Cards, if elected. But replace with what?

Seems many French are moving out of France to enjoy better working and living conditions elsewhere.

Squirrels! WTF.

Telecommuting isn’t working in our highly connected world because we are too connected. Very good points I had not considered. We interact with more and more people every year thanks to tech so it makes sense that a lot of the work we do now is maintaining these relationships.

Origami remote control. Cute but a bitch to click through channels quickly, I bet.

And yet another web project from Rob.

Treasa recommends Gareth Pearson.

Gay B&B owners in the UK are against new anti-discrimination laws which would oblige them to offer their rooms to straight couples. Oh my. Reminds me of the gay club in Cork that turns you away for being straight or looking straight. I know a girl that had to “dress more lesbian” if she was to get in. Charming.

Ice ice baby. Scary ice.

Stephen Colbert – The Most Poetic Fucking Thing I’ve Ever Heard

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