– Measuring the effects of policy?

Richard has an idea to measure the impact of political decisions. It is modeled on the new site, which as Richard describes:

lets people post commentary and links to content about the actions of companies. Others can then vote on the content and decide whether the issues discussed have a negative or positive impact.

Richard says:

I think the Irish version should be based not on corporate social responsibility but on the actions of politicians and political parties. Set it up, publish commentary about Irish politics (think about some of the recent furores) and let people decide on the impact.

I’d fully support, promote and contribute to this idea.

Also, it does seem that Hilary Clinton’s people are getting the web. Via JesusJarvis (the saviour of media) comes news that she has now posted a question to Yahoo! answers asking for opinions on the American Health Care System. She’s gotten 35,000 answers so far.

Someone really needs to act as a broker for the genius technology creators and political people. Both sides could seriously benefit from interacting with each other.

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