Fluffy links – January 24th 2007

Blogorrah had a fantastic post title yesterday. Ginger, model, trevor white and bitch were not even mentioned!

Pat Phelan is looking for reviews for Roam4Free. Write a review, enter a prize draw. No purchase necessary. 🙂

Kathy is going to the history of Irish food night classes in UCC. Damn you! I have to suffer Irish Land Law on a Wednesday evening.

10 Google feeds worth subscribing to.

Best merchandising tie-in EVAR! Now, why doesn’t an Irish zip manufacturer hire a panto star?

That same character loved duct tape. Here’s how to use it for babysitting.

Richard Dawkins would love this.

Twitter goes corporate. I can just see a David Brent scenario where he Twitters his advice to his staff when he’s on the road and then accidently sends a personal text to it. Finally the thing sent me my password yesterday evening when I tried again. Site is still at a crawl. It is now updating via my mobile now too.

Found on IrishBlogs.ie tonight. The National Forum on Europe podcast. This is a sweet looking site.

A tactile interface to Second Life.

Download Jacob Borshard’s albums for free. His mySpace.

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