These are not the fluffy links you are looking for … January 22nd 2007

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Generally these days the fluffy links are done a few days in advance and sometimes even a few weeks. With my weekend taken up with BarCamp and other activities I haven’t had time to collate lots of sources for the fluff and yes, as asked at BarCamp, Donagh Kiernan is the originator of the “fluffy” name. Anyway, some links for the day:

Everyone loves ferris wheels, even the Klan.

Making and marketing movies is easier than ever. Such is the case for animated movie “M dot Strange” and comedy A dog’s breakfast. All you need is YouTube?

Tom Murphy and BoingBoing report on the wonderful “Proceed and Permitted” letter Linden labs sent to a site that parodied their SecondLife product. A “Proceed and Permitted” is the opposite to a cease and desist letter.

Laura is organising an open source conference in Limerick on February 16th to 19th.

Ubuntu studio sounds pretty darned cool.

Netlabelism – A music blog just for CreativeCommons licenced music. Also you have generationWire which does something like this too.

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