Blogging the Election – Attending Ard Fheiseanna

Suzy recently posted about signing up bloggers to go to the various party conferences and press events. It would be interesting to see which parties would be open to the idea of letting bloggers attend and live blog from these very staged events. Will Fianna Fail with their poor record on broadband have proper net access at their Ard Fheis? Will Fine Gael provide enough strong coffee so the bloggers don’t fall asleep on their laptops when Enda tries to create a personality? If you want to attend events like these and want to do it under the brand then contact Suzy.

But bloggers don’t just have to cover political events. After reading Bernie’s coverage of the Young Scientist Exhibition I must say I am unimpressed with the coverage from everywhere else. A few papers did the usual end-of-event reporting and that’s about it. I emailed BT and suggested that next time they set up a space for bloggers and podcasters and let them freely roam and blog and talk to who they find interesting. A few bloggers at events like this would make a big difference and hopefully, just hopefully, some undiscovered gems will be found.

There’s lost of events that would benefit from inviting bloggers along. Even the Ideal Homes Exhibition would benefit. I’d suggest Oxyegen too but MCD might sue me or something. 🙂

3 Responses to “Blogging the Election – Attending Ard Fheiseanna”

  1. Brian Greene says:

    >There’s lost of events that would benefit from inviting bloggers along.

    lets not wait for invites, lets invade, take the limelight and moon at the Luddites. bloggers do not need a special place, they are us and we are them, they can’t see us or recognise us and our keyboard in mightier than their sword or their hired security. Clever event organisers may hope we might attend but don’t count on it event organisers – get your own blog.

  2. We need to chat about the best invasion plans by bloggers or podcasters because there’s a lot of potential for public engagement through the arms of citizen journos. I’m impressed with the young scientists–the numbers keep rising and this year a DIY radio station won accolades.

    We will camp at the 2008 Media Centre in the RDS and from experience, I can say the PR handlers are very obliging with free coffee, tea and biscuits. And they don’t mind when well-dressed podcasters occupy the space alongside the mainstream journos.

  3. YFG Member says:

    Young Fine Gael will be hosting their pre-election conference in Jurys, Ballsbridge on Saturday 3 February, 2007. I’m sure ye would all be more than welcome.