Arcade Fire Dublin – Sold out already?

9 minutes past 9 and the Ticketmaster site is saying no tickets available. Ticketmaster phone is engaged. Arghhh.

17 Responses to “Arcade Fire Dublin – Sold out already?”

  1. caitriona says:

    there’s *supposably* going to be another date added (according to the olympia person that my friend spoke too)… though it may be equally difficult to get tickets for that too (if it exists) 😉

  2. Niall says:

    There’s *definitely* a date on the 6th too…

  3. Justin says:

    Fuckers. It sold out within 3 seconds of 9am, according to my watch… very fishy.

    This thread is full of people in the same boat:

    as is the Ray D’Arcy show on the radio. I don’t know anyone who got one 🙁

    (ps: Niall, yr server’s down it looks like)

  4. Niall says:

    i got one..

    just saying..

  5. Niall says:

    server seems fine..?

  6. Niall says:

    Was there no cap on the number of tickets you could buy?

    This guy bought 10

  7. Phil O'Kane says:

    If only they would come to NI…

  8. UnaRocks says:

    Over at, they say there was a limit of 20 tickets per person. Happy days for touts:

  9. brid says:

    there was NO limit at all set before they went on sale and then mcd had the cheek to suggest it was a technical glich, and they always do the best they can to discourage touts….. liars

  10. bruce says:

    There was no limit on the number of tickets that people could buy. I think there should have been a limit of 6. I logged on at 9.01 am and the March 5th show was sold out. The info for the March 6th show never came up before that was sold out too. People should complain to the National Consumer Agency Something is fishy. The UK shows took several hours to sell out even though demand was probably greater in each location and the venues were about the same size as the Olympia. MCD and Ticketmaster played right into the hands of touts.

  11. Simon says:

    I got ten alright but my bro, my sis and 6 of my mates were all trying and all failed – we are all huge fans and all said we’d get as many as possible because we knew in all likelyhood it would be tough to get any… in the end at least 10 less tickets will be touted and genuine fans will get to see the band for face value.

  12. Steve says:

    Tickets weren’t available in the UK for hours. I tried to get tickets for the London shows in both January and March and although I logged in just a couple of minutes passed 9 I didn’t get a sniff.

  13. jules says:

    Its got not much to do with touts, they didnt get near these tickets really. Heard from a reliable sourse that the majority of the tickets (for the first night anyway) went to “friends” of mcd/ industry people/ sceenesters. you’re best queing outside your local ticketmaster- one thats in a small little post office/newsagents for these kind of gigs, there usually isnt a que, yet those little places have just as much access to the ticketmaster system as hmv etc.

  14. Jamsie says:

    i heard they were sold out so i got on Ticketmaster Europe and booked tickets for their concert in Cologne for 27 Euro! i am a huge huge fan and wouldn’t let national frontiers nor ticket touts stop me!

  15. Stephie says:

    same shit, different day it seems.

  16. Patrick t says:

    There was a pre-sale with O2 and the arcade fire site…. id imigine a lot went there.

    I bought 3 through o2 and even received an email asking if i wanted more