2FM to get Strawberry Alarm Clock?

A thread on boards.ie and another on the radiowaves forum are saying that the lads behind 104FM’s Strawberry Alarm clock were escorted out of the 104FM offices today. Rumours are that they are replacing Marty Whelan. About bloody time 2FM!

All mention of the lads seems to have disappeared from the 104fm site too.

15 Responses to “2FM to get Strawberry Alarm Clock?”

  1. Fiona says:

    the strawberry alarmclock page is still up on FM104!

  2. Jon says:

    Yeah, but Jim and Colms names have been taken off and their blog has been taken down.

  3. gar says:

    just heard that its going to be starting next month, having withdrawls already, i need to hear the back catalogue!

  4. maud says:

    good riddance, never thought they’d be the type to chose money over their loyalty to listeners!!!

  5. David says:

    Unfortunately money talks and has a huge swing on things, looks like 2fm are goin to do well this year anyway….

  6. Tracey says:

    Well one thing is for sure I’ll be listening to Colm and JimJim when they get back on air with 2fm every day going to work.They are the only two DJ’s that are very funny and not afraid to say what they feel,i wont be listening to fm104 now in the mornings anymore. Best of luck Lads.

    WHO’s your SEXY JOE HA HA
    Tracey 🙂

  7. Mary says:

    I had to turn off the radio last week. It was painful. I’ll be following them to 2fm for sure- only thing is what will I listen to until March?

  8. Sean says:

    i think its a VERY good idea on there part to move to 2fm!! now they will get noticed all over ireland not just dublin!! all them bogger will get to withness the “colm” and “jim jim” experience!!!

    best of luck to them and
    il defo be a 2fm listener in the mornings

  9. Sean says:

    Jim Nugent and his sidekick Colm Hayes (affectionately known as Colm and JimJim)

    2fm Alarm Clock (2007 – )
    These moved their Strawberry Alarm Clock from FM104 in 2007 to host the new 2fm Alarm Clock in place of Marty in the Morning.

    The show will take off on March 5 2007. Colm previously worked for 2fm for two years in the late 1980s before becoming largely responsible for the success of FM104.


  10. L says:

    good on the boys! Really brighten up a dark morning and i always lost them in Kilmacanogue anyway! good luck to them and seriously Marty Whelan was cringeworthy! FM104 need to up the level again, Andy and ‘dont know the girls name’ are desperate, i get the feeling they dont get on. I for one have turned off FM104 in the mornings.

  11. louise says:

    miss the lads terrible i too turn off the radio change to cd my kids are asking me to put on colm and jimjim

  12. mick says:

    get the lads back on the radio asap the others are crap

  13. maud says:

    have to agree that the morning show is crap without them but stick to my opinion – 2FM is a hick station and its pathetic that they have to poach other stations DJ’s – and despite what anyone thinks of Marty Whelan, there is no need to gloat over his bad fortune and bad treatment from 2FM

  14. Tatch says:

    I’ll be following Colm & JimJim. FM104 are fooked coz the rest of the DJs are crap. Good Luck in the new role lads

  15. carney says:

    So that’s what happened! I listen to them on-line at work in Hk in the afternoons – brilliant! Last time I managed to get the stream, there were a couple of others doing the show so assumed the lads were on holidays. Hope I can get 2FM online.