RSS Feeds of Irish Google News Sources

Way back in August I mentioned the Irish sources for Google News that Philip Lenssen uncovered. Justin Mason pointed out that all of those sources have an RSS/Atom feed as well which you could subscribe too. Excellent.

Not being good at writing a scripts to parse Philip’s database and find the RSS feeds, I went through the 140 news feeds and chucked out the non-Irish non-news sites and gor RSS links for the rest. You can download them all as a txt file here. Yes, it took me 6 months before I had time to do this. Someone, I’m sure can make an OPML file out of it.

Update: Thanks to James, here is the Irish News OPML file.

3 Responses to “RSS Feeds of Irish Google News Sources”

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the txt file very useful!

  2. Yikes, forgot to tell ya I’d put the OMPL file together –

    And of course I’ve inserted it into the Open Irish Directory under the “News & Media -> Newspapers” node. Thanks again for compiling that list…. very useful.

  3. emurhfkq says:

    people are stranger