Fluffy Links – January 3rd 2007

Irish Blog Awards 2007 – March 3rd in Dublin. You going to go? Please let me know if you are.

A Not Safe For Work HTML tag? Not sure of that.

Child born on train gets free travel for life from rail company. Awww or something. Great marketing too. Even gets reported on in Ireland. In Ireland the mother would have had to buy the newborn a ticket.

Divorce is as easy as saying a word three times in some Islamic countries. This guy gets drunk, shouts the words, she accepts, they are divorced. If this happened in Ireland half the country would be divorced.

Okay so Kathy made a Scoble doll but it’s a cute idea for a homemade present. Take a Ken doll and make it into someone you know.

The fact that there are medical warnings about the Wii and medical associations giving warm-up tips shows how unfit we really are.

Mario Brothers on the One Laptop per Child Laptop

Via We make Money not Art, club goers with RFID implants:

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