Faster 50 – Deloitte Fast 50 for 2006/2007 – Now 2 have blogs

In 2006 I made a list of the recent Deloitte Fast 50 winners and checked to see had they blogs. None had. The list of the Deloitte Fast 50 from late 2006 has now been examined by me and once again is disappointing to say the least. While there were a few with what they called “blogs”, some did not have RSS feeds and also didn’t allow comments. Others had staff members blogging but it did not seem to be directly about what the company does, so I classed them as personal blogs. When those were taken out a grand total of two companies in the top 50 had blogs. Qumas and Globoforce.

Krishna De had a little to say on the subject of the Top 50 blogging. She offered free consulting to whichever exec from an Irish Top 50 company approached her. I wonder have any of them?

I’m not hugely concerned about the lack of blogs, that’s a choice for the business but it is a damned shame about the lack of RSS especially when most of these companies have press and news sections. Deloitte should encourage RSS and run an aggregator for the entrants.

1. Xsil
2. Digiweb (Some staff blog)
3. Espion
4. Pulselearning Ltd (They do have Skype us button)
5. Zamano
6. Exoftware Agile Solutions Ltd No blog but a news feed.
7. NewsweaverDenise Cox has a blog on their site. Success!
8. Puca Technologies
9. TNS Distribution
10. BookassistRSS feed for their searches.
11. Globoforce – Woo, Globoforce have a blog.
12. Gem
13. Crannog Software
14. Prologic Data Management Ltd
15. Systems Solutions
16. Propylon LtdBlog of Seán McGrath, CTO
18. InterFusion Networks
19. Lagan Technologies Ltd
20. iQon Technologies Ltd
21. Strencom
22. Meridio
23. Empathy
24. Core Systems (NI) Ltd
25. ITS New Media Ltd
26. Texthelp Systems Ltd
27. Datacare Software Group Ltd
28. Medicom
29. Mapflow
30. Ash Technologies
31. Singularity
32. MediaOne Ltd
33. Andor Technologies plc
34=. eTel Group Ltd
34=. Williams Industrial Services Ltd
36. Ocuco
37. Consilium Technologies Ltd
38. Partners in Europe
40. Level Seven Creative Ltd – They have a blog but it does not allow comments or subscribing. So maybe not a blog.
41. SWS Business Process Outsourcing Ltd
42. Version1 Software
43=. Nitec Solutions
43=. Qumas – Hooray they have a blog and you can sub to it! They have podcasts too.
45. Alchemy
46. First Derivatives plc
47. Ergo
48. Real Time Systems Ltd
49. Webtrade Ltd
50. MobileAware

4 Responses to “Faster 50 – Deloitte Fast 50 for 2006/2007 – Now 2 have blogs”

  1. […] This time round it seems like the Fast 50 is begining to ‘get’ it. Damian said there is about 2 real blogs in the list (Qumas, Globoforce), but even a half blog shows interest by the company. […]

  2. […] Damien Mulley, host of the Irish Blog Awards has recently reviewed the Deloitte Fast 50 Technology companies in 2006 (an awards programme for the fastest growing tecnology companies in Ireland and Northern Ireland) to establish how many of the Deloitte Fast 50 awards winners build their brand through a corporate blog. […]

  3. Jon says:

    What is just as sad is that Deloitte itself doesn’t yet have a blog. How can they be a judge of innovation when they don’t quite understand the importance of blogs either?

  4. […] Here in Ireland, Damien Mulley says only 2 of the Deloitte Fast 50 for 2006/2007 have blogs. […]