A different view of the great year Irish Rail had

Irish Rail loves their customers, right? Getting there might mean dealing with this kind of behaviour.

6 Responses to “A different view of the great year Irish Rail had”

  1. Damien says:

    Thomas the Tank Engine it ain’t.

  2. Twenty Major says:

    I was a little confused that none of them knew the time. Not a watch or a mobile between them?

    Did they just mean ‘train time’ or something?

  3. John says:

    Using fowl language…?

    Not clucking good enough….

  4. […] Irish rail are in the news a fair bit these days, with their price hikes and the roll out of so many new carriages which is supposedly making them the fastest growing network in Ireland. Well I guess there is a fair bit that we have to do to be on a par with Germany or France. And the other day I was reading via mulley.net about one guys problem getting the Cobh train out of Kent Station. […]

  5. Thomas says:

    Holy crap man thats just ridiculous. Much respect to the guys for restraining themselves. Most people i know would have lynched the guy for that kinda behaviour.