Eur24.99 hub/wireless DSL router in PC World

Thanks to Spongebob – the bargain hunter and tech extraordinaire on, is a great find of a €24.99 hub and wireless router. It’s for the eircom 1mb broadband service but in actuality will work with any of the resellers, once you change the username and pass to be your own (obviously) and even with a little reconfiguring you can use them on Smart and Magnet. PC World does not ask you to sign-up for eircom whereas Harvey Normans and others might. There are still stacks of them in PC World. It is now replacing a crappy old and noisy hub in my house. It also means I can shut down the main computer that was connecting to the usb modem and not have anyone else in the house complaining anymore. Might save a little bit of energy too. More instructions on configuring it.

One Response to “Eur24.99 hub/wireless DSL router in PC World”

  1. What a bargain! Got one in Currys in Limerick last night. Asked in PC World first but they were out of them and kind enough to send me to Currys. Curry’s said they needed my phone number to check if the line was compatible but I told them I’d already done the test online myself and it was. They didn’t seem too happy about that but decided not to press the issue 😀