Fluffy Links – December 18th 2006

Kathy Sierra on conference t-shirts that should be made for women too. Now if only we had women to go to Irish tech conferences. I’ll get WD40 for that gate.

Nice rules for organising conferences.

Open letter to porn on Craigslist.

A Cowbell Easter Egg in GMail Chat. This is cowbell:

Colm O’Gorman has a “blog”. Press release archive really.

How to be a wine snob. Would Julian approve?

At long bloody last old people can get the free phone option with mobiles. All along it was a landline only option. Makes complete sense to give free phones to OAPs. A Dom Jolly sketch comes to mind “HELLO? WHAT? NO, I’M COLLECTING MY PENSION. NO, THEY ALL SMELL OF PISS.”

Jesus Christ, I thought Sascha Baron-Cohen was taking the piss when he said Borat was attending the holocaust denial conference. I guess not. Taking the piss that there was such a conference I mean.

Manuel is back and writing some fascinating pieces. Is welcome you are back.

Bill Clinton doesn’t like Santa:

I love this. Ths guy manages to quickly and easily train his cat to turn on a light switch:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – December 18th 2006”

  1. Julian says:

    I’ve finally segued from the breathless chaos of the wine business at Christmas to the breathless;chaos of home at Christmas; and in the one place, as in the other, there isn’t time even to watch Gary’s vid. But I’d say he’s spot on as usual – looks like good serious debunking fun – and I look forward to catching up with lots of Wine Library TV in the new year when I’m back in broadbandland. I had a quick word with Ireland’s potential answer to Gary Vaynerchuk the other day, so you never know what 2007 may bring.

  2. Sabrina dent says:

    You know, really, I love all of you guys but I am getting a bit fed up listening to you all whinge *to each other* that there are no girls coming to these conferences.

    You could:

    1/ Take a top down approach and invite a woman onto the organising committee.
    2/ Change the format, or add that most chick-friendly of formats, the panel.
    3/ Or, hey, invite some women! Specifically. Individually.

    There are certainly conferences that are heavily attended by women, like SXSW. They put women centre stage to make them more attractive to female punters, and are formatted in a way that is more inviting to women. It really can be done.

    Me, I’m not bothered. I’ve been doing this forever and never worry about my gender, but if it’s an issue for you, please do something about it.