Another tag thing meme whatchacallit

Pat tagged me a while back but I was too busy to respond. 5 things that people don’t know about me.

  1. In airplanes I do my very very best to sit in odd number rows.
  2. When I die I really would prefer some violent impact type death then slowly fading away while being eaten alive by cancer.
  3. When I worked in a hospital I saw dozens of dead people and had to move most of them down to the fridges where they are kept before the undertakers arrive. It really never phased me as an 18 year old. The one death that still haunts me is of a baby that died of cot death. I can still see her in the arms of the ambulance driver as he ran into the resuscitation room and still hear her mother crying outside as they worked on her baby .
  4. Part of the reason I’m doing my law degree is so that I can hopefully make use of it in some way to get some legal rights so that I can marry the guy I love. (It’s all about the tax benefits really!
  5. Like the rows in a plane, I have a personal rule that lists always have to end in uneven numbers.

One Response to “Another tag thing meme whatchacallit”

  1. Odd numbered rows? I never thought about that. Oh damn, you’re in my head now!
    If anyone can change the law of the land, I think you have a very good chance of doing it! That’s a good motivating reason to do your best.

    That reminds me, Frank Prendergast tagged me for something similar ages and ages ago. I may get around to blogging that sometime.