Best of luck to all going to Le Web 3 – I might see you in a Parisian bar

I’m off to Paris myself on Monday for a few days and so might try and escape away to an evening Le Web 3 event if I can. Meanwhile best of luck to those from Ireland presenting there.

EDIT: Congrats on the Electric News coverage and the Sunday Tribune coverage:

A TRIO of Irish online entrepreneurs will demonstrate their internet businesses to over 1,000 delegates at the International Web Expo in Paris this week.

Walter Higgins from Sxoop Technologies, Joe Drumgoole from Putplace. com and Conor O’Neill of Loudervoice. com are all due to present at the event, which is expected to draw an attendance of over 1,000 web entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The three Irish companies specialise in technology that makes it easier for people to locate, store and publish their own content on the internet…

3 Responses to “Best of luck to all going to Le Web 3 – I might see you in a Parisian bar”

  1. […] There already some good buzz out there from the likes of TechCrunch France, Damian Mulley, Jacques Froissant and others. […]

  2. We’ll all be hanging around the 14e arrondisiment (or however you spell it). Enjoy!

  3. Wah, wish I was going. Will be there next year definitely!