Fluffy Links – December 7th 2006 – The possession of anything begins in the mind

Via Stunned comes news that MAKE magazine’s people are coming to Dublin. Go see them if you are a fan of MAKE.

Make a gif of your RSS feed. I’m still lost as to why this is useful.

“Evil Twin” Wifi hotspot interception. Creating a fake hotspot next to a commercial hotspot in order to get login details.

Nice gift wrapping.

Unschooling. The new latest thing always has “un” in it, doesn’t it? Some of the principles of this idea seem sound though.

A beginners guide to freelancing.

Overclock your brain – 22 ways. Isn’t it curious how to get the attention of those that zealously use Digg.com and their ilk, you have to dress everything up in tech terms?

DJ Shadow – Six Days

So very blonde.

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