Oxfam Ireland promote Christmas shop via YouTube

Clever. Oxfam got the students of the FÃ?S Television and Video Course in Tralee to make a video and have now stuck it on YouTube. Here it is:

This is in order to promote their Christmas offerings. Oxfam emailed Irish bloggers and asked us to spread the news as part of a viral push. I wouldn’t however class this as viral and even getting bloggers to put it on their blogs (like I’m doing) isn’t viral. The Viral tips I linked to yesterday would give a better idea on how to make this viral. I’m sure there is a little reward to the person in spreading the video but is it enough? Does it cause enough of a reaction from the viewer to get them to send it on to more people?

I do like the page which allows you to pick a banner to support them, which gives a nice choice and makes it easy by including the HTML for the banners.

James has also blogged about Oxfam and included the video. Like him, and as I said, I don’t think it is viral. So, an example of viral? Viral is the Threshers Offer that Hugh Macleod pushed out. Now that has some great viral elements.

  • Easy to spread: Just email, IM, blog the link to the voucher or the voucher itself.
  • Snowball effect: The more Threshers is selling out of stuff, the more attention the offer is getting, the more it spreads…
  • Reward/Ego/Power:
    You have that little bit of power over your friends by being the one to get them the discount by forwarding the link to them.
    In turn, your friends then too want to feel this power and send it on to their friends.
    You get that little kick of “getting one over on the man” since it looks like a “big business didn’t want you to have it but now they can’t stop it” type feel to it.
    You are in a special group since not everyone knows about the offer, for a little while you a more important that the general populace.

The Oxfam video has the easy to spread bit but the reward/ego/power part is quite weak. Still, I’m sure a charity viral is hard to do and you can’t be spreading something that helps getting one over on the starving kids. I guess what you’d need for a charity viral is build up some story and have a twist at the end that upsets/shocks/causes emotion, so much so that the viewer sends it on so their targets in order for them to experience what they just experienced.

5 Responses to “Oxfam Ireland promote Christmas shop via YouTube”

  1. On a plug for Oxfam, their shop in Cork seems to be the only one that sells tree toppers. You know the star / angel that goes on top of the tree. I spent afew hours yesterday looking for one, Roches, BTs, all the shops on Oliver Plunkett St, Marks & Spencers. No go. Oxfam had a grand glittery star atop a tree for €7.50. So go shop there. Before they cop on and double the price.

  2. Great way to communicate with potential custommers through Youtube.
    I think this one could be and example of the comming future of advertising on the net.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  3. […] Leave a comment if you have an opinion on what is good or bad about this video as a piece of viral idea spreading. Damien Mulley has already thought about it on his site. […]

  4. […] I wonder are things like this covered in the growing number of blog training courses? How does one try and stop a shitstorm once it starts, though this is far from a shit storm. I guess you could also include that in the guides for viral marketing. You can’t stop the virus once it gets out. […]

  5. Yes, it’s hard to do a charity viral without it coming across as a chain mail ‘send this letter on to 10 best friends and you get good luck’.

    I’d did get a warm fuzzy feeling about buying a cow and a toilet from them.