odin’s raven magic – Sigur Ros et al

I may have mentioned it before but the greatest concert I’ve experienced so far was the Odin’s Raven Magic concert that Sigur Ros, and a whole heap of other people performed on September 28th 2004 in Charlie Parker Hall in La Villette in Paris.

Pictures of the event are here. I particularly like this one.

It was an opera type male singer who performs the Icelandic 14th century poem “Odin’s Raven Magic” and accompanying him was a choir, an orchestra and Sigur Ros. They played some very traditional instruments including what looked like stones and made amazing sounds. There was a big screen behind them showing very arty visuals. Overall, everything on stage complimented everything else. It was absolutely amazing to experience and I’d travel the world to see this show again. The audience I think were blown away. People including me were almost emotional enough to shed a tear at the beauty of it all. Almost.

Here’s a clip from another performance of it in London:

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