Music Lists for 2006 – tis the season

Nialler is looking for your top Irish albums of 2006. Yes, it *is* that time of year. I’m not sure have I actually listened to any Irish albums released in 2006. Certainly not that album from yer man Rice.

Overall my favourite albums or artists for 2006 have been Beirut – Gulag Orkestra, Regina Spektor – Soviet Kitch (yeah I know it isn’t her latest album), Girl Talk – Night Ripper and both Final Fantasy albums. I think I have a few Irish artists on my iPod but not many at all when compared to my overall music collection. Perhaps Nialler’s list will convince me to seek out local talent.

One Response to “Music Lists for 2006 – tis the season”

  1. Niall says:

    Thanks for the link Damien, don’t forget to vote yourself!