Tinfoil hattery: Google remove another blog post?

It seems to be Richard’s turn this time. He has had just one single post removed from the Google index. He points out that it was his post on that was removed. A post which wasn’t that flattering of their “award winning” site. (Since changed and made much better but the award went to the old site) Guess who does their PR? I honestly think it is a coincidence. There’s no way a multi-billion dollar company could have such a weak system in place that would allow a human to interfere with their search godmachine. Afterall and by all accounts, Google really don’t have time for or trust these humans. Many know and have experienced the massive disregard Google has for anyone human that tries to connect with them. I doubt an actual answer to Richard will be forthcoming. When my post was removed the excuse/reason a Google employee gave wasn’t at all convincing.

When you do a search for, Richard’s homepage comes up alright but the actual post, the one saying something that isn’t positive, well that seems to be gone. So is Google manually removing some posts when requested by people/lawyers or is it that their service is just shit? Again, Richard’s post on them is no. 3 on MSN, yet it is not in the Google index. Curious, no?

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