Harry McGee joins the blogging world

Harry McGee, Political Editor for the Irish Examiner has now started his own blog.

A very brief introduction. I am the political editor of the Irish Examiner.
A very brief brief for this blog: Running commentary on politics.
A very brief summary of the choice of day to start it: inauspicious.
It will improve though. There is, despite the general sense of indolence here, an election in six month’s time. And next week’s Budget will provide – as we hacks love to write – the opening volleys etc etc

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  2. Blurred Keys says:

    Irish journalists who blog

    Kevin Rafter, the Sunday Tribune’s Assistant Editor/Political Editor, is one of the latest Irish journalists to join the blogging world. We found Rafter’s blog at he Irish Blogs Awards’ website – which lists new blogs in its blog. They also