Fluffy Links – November 29th 2006

Atheists are the new gays says Dilbert creator. Atheists are coming out of their closets ever since 9/11 he says.

Things you may not have known about AIDS in Africa.

Nintendo NES guitar.

Free ad supported mobile phones.

Michael Moore makes some supposed olive branch gesture to Republicans but it reads as totally condescending. Remember Michael, that it was a majority voted in all those Republican senators and congressmen and it was a large chunk of the country that voted in George W. Bush, twice. The Dems will do as they always have and righteously piss off many of those that gave them the chance to do good and alienate those that didn’t give them a chance by questioning their intelligence. It might be best to stick to making almost-factual documentaries and not rubbing the noses of millions into the shitpile they helped create.

Battlestar Galactica Clip set to Soundgarden – Blow up the outside world:

Original song and videof for Soundgarden’s Blow up the outside world:

Lyrics to Blow up the outside world.

One Response to “Fluffy Links – November 29th 2006”

  1. Adam says:

    I’d hate to be a Gay Atheist (Gaytheist), they’ve just gotten over one “coming-out” dilemma and now have to deal with another one!