Friday Nostalgia Videos – Airwolf and Manimal

After the previous post with the A-Team, we have two other 80s shows:

Air Wolf


If you’ve found any other “classic” TV show intros, link to them in the comments.

EDIT: Streethawk

5 Responses to “Friday Nostalgia Videos – Airwolf and Manimal”

  1. Let’s not forget Voyagers (1982) and Cover Up (1984) both starring “you’d think Brandon Lee would have learned from him” Jon-Erik Hexum.

  2. frankp says:

    Dug out a few over on BifSniff… I could spend all day looking these up!!!

  3. Claire says:

    I was going to say Greatest American Hero but Frank beat me to it 😛

    The show I built my week around was “V”

  4. frankp says:

    I wasn’t allowed watch V. Actually, I wasn’t really allowed watch TV, so I wonder how I saw all these shows..!!! But I REALLY wasn’t allowed watch V. That’s why I loved it.

  5. ceejay says:

    twin peaks anyone