Webbys4Ireland – The pain! – Ohhhhhh! My ovaries

(It’s a Simpsons quote.)

Another pay to play Web awards got coverage in the Examiner yesterday. The Webbys. Fee details. The Irish site is here. Take a deep breath before clicking. I love the bit at the bottom that is barely legible because of the colours on the page:

This website skillfully created by Brightspark and wonderfully hosted by Webhost.ie

Eoghan, Richard, Alan, thoughts?

Update: They’re delighted with their coverage. 🙂

4 Responses to “Webbys4Ireland – The pain! – Ohhhhhh! My ovaries”

  1. Really? They want to put an apostrophe in the name there in inch high type, demonstrating to all and sundry that they’re incapable of communicating correctly in their own first language?


    Pass me the shotgun.

  2. Well I’ve never been a fan of “pay to play” awards. I appreciate there are great costs involved, but I’d rather they were recouped à la Irish Blog Awards. (Even though the cost of the strippers you’re planning to hire with that €10k is optional, Damien.) And the commercial motivations of the Webby Awards are clear; awards worth their salt don’t need an international marketing push to get entries! The site design isn’t my cup of tea, but I don’t think it’s taking itself too seriously; I think Brightspark were just having a bit of fun with it and I wouldn’t knock them for that. They seem to be one of the few web firms around with any sort of dignity left.

  3. Rob says:

    Brightspark, whoever they are, need to give serious consideration to employing an English speaker. And a non-colour blind person.

    “Webby Nominees Announced – expect a huge amount of traffic to your site if your site is on that list. And a dizzying rush to the top of the search engine rankings!” – Hmm.

    By the way, that Irish site seems to be totally non-official, or at least neither of ‘ambassador’ and ‘brightspark’ appear on the official website. Hmm…

  4. Rob says:

    (Oops, they actually are official, it seems).