Fluffy Links – November 16th 2006

Don’t forget the Politics in Ireland competition! (I’m saying this too much I guess.)

Education in Ireland. A view from the coalface/Western front. We need more teachers blogging and explaining what it is like from day to day.

How to tie a double windsor.

Irish energy regulator once again acts as Bord Gais apologist. Maybe now that the Consumers Assocation get less money from the Government, they might start making bigger noises. Though they’re still getting paid by numerous quangos to be on their “advisory” panels e.g. they are paid €1500 to attend consumer meetings with ComReg. In return at a meeting with the EU the Assocation sang the praises of ComReg and their consumer initiatives and rattling off false ComReg figures.

Mmm cupcakes.

Who wouldn’t want a rampaging Willie t-shirt? No filthy, not that. Wash your mind out with soap!

Via Jeremy Zawodny’s blog: Jumbo landing on an airstrip that’s really really short and really really narrow. Final flight of this jumbo. Magnificient piloting of this sky giant:

Ist Bruno! He’s just a gay version of Borat. Baron-Cohen got 40m for a Bruno movie? I’m curious are they just making something like a Borat sequel with this character.

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  1. adam says:

    The Willie O’Dea t-shirt would’ve been funny if it parodied this.