Fluffy Links – November 15th 2006

Bernie asks should the G.A.A. sue YouTube?

How to customize embedded Google Videos.

A Dr. Laura doll. Fucking scary. This is her bio.

Great pic of a wave breaking.

Earth from space, Winter 2004.

John releases an OPML list for planet.journals.ie and quickly enough Justin makes an application out of the data. I wonder will we see anymore apps created.

Ofcom has won back a huge amount of ground on the TV Without Frontiers directive. The only regulator in the EU to give a crap. Remember the telecoms poodle and others wanted to regulate YOUR blogs and websites if there was video on it.

Colbert Tribute to the outgoing Republicans:

Ben Folds sings “Such great heights” (live)

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  1. Amazing ben folds video. Thanks for that 🙂