Fluffy Links – November 14th 2006

Don’t forget the Politics in Ireland competition.

Handy blog for those in the ad business: The Ad Feed.

Trailer for the Simpsons Movie.

More fun from the best callcentre in the world.

And more again.

Oh and just a smidge more.

Pay as you drive car insurance. Would that work in Ireland?

Get a free copy of Vista Home Edition.

Ian McKellan does an audibook version of The Odyssey.

Orkut now has a crush register. Something original from this dating site? You register a crush on someone but they can’t see it. Only when the mutual parties both register crushes do they know the other person likes them too. (By the way sub to JP’s blog, JP is BT Global’s CIO.)

Sepultura – Original Group members reunited doing “Attitude”:

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