Fluffy Links – November 13th 2006

Want a job in Google TV?

Great pics of an Island forming due to an undersea volcano.

Another one of those Webpage to RSS services.

Have text files as part of your background on your Windows desktop.

Interesting evening course in UCC in January – The Militarization of Knowledge.

Remember Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. This saddo can’t move on, it seems.

CNN censors Bill Maher outing a Republican. Huffington Post gets all uppity over the censorship.

Fox Journo has a bit of a cock-up live. Funny how they mention it’ll end up on YouTube:

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  1. […] Damien recently mentioned an interesting-sounding evening course in UCC, entitled “The militarization of knowledge”. Given it’s emphasis on the media and language it’s something that I’d be interested in studying, however given the fact that it’s taking place in Cork that isn’t going to happen right now. […]