Shut up you whiney gits – eircom support rocks

Sweet jesus. Are things that bad everywhere else too?

Eircom TSS, the sales contact centre operation of Eircom, has picked up an award for Best Contact Centre in the World, at the International Contact Centre World Awards held in Las Vegas last night.

The annual awards recognise the best contact centres and best contact centre people and strategies worldwide.
The Irish telecoms firm said that it had beaten competition from more than 250 entries from around the world as well as two rival finalists representing Asia (Apple Care) and North America (Sage).

Gerry Culligan, Director of Consumer Market, Eircom said, “It is fantastic to be recognised as the best of the best by our industry peers from around the world.”

7 Responses to “Shut up you whiney gits – eircom support rocks”

  1. Anthony says:

    Fantastic. 😆 How did they pick a winner? By playing pin the tail on the donkey?

  2. Bill says:

    They must have hired a great PR guy, or bribed someone in the right place, there’s no other explanation.. Those bastards had me pulling my hair out for two months straight, with such tired lines as ‘There’s nothing we can do…‘ and ‘It can take up to four weeks…‘ which translates as ‘We’ll tell the fat guy in the van to look into it next month. He’s really busy, and he’s worked for us for 32 years.

  3. Tom Raftery says:

    Well, you know what they say, “Practice makes perfect”, and nobody has more practice at handling complaints than Eircom, I’d say!

  4. John says:

    My ghast is truly flabbered

  5. Billy says:

    Eircom are a waste of space. A pox on our economy and a barrier to free competition and to legitimate business trying to make an honest buck.

    The government gave away a key state asset and it has returned to bite us on the arse.

  6. Roger says:

    I wonder how eircom has any customers at all, after my experience trying to call them the other day when I was looking for a new connection. It took them 15 minutes (after another 5 listening to robot answering machines) not to be able to find my street in a built up area. They they said it would take up to 5 weeks to get a connection for a line that already existed. After a bit of persistence on my part they found the old line and said it would be reconnected in 24 hours. If I had a real alternative I’d have been gone.

  7. John (Tyrrellspass) says:

    I wonder how does their service managment and repair rate. I was without a phone line, (could not even make a phone call) for over 3 weeks. Spent ages on the phone on several occasions to try to get them to come out and fix it. When the guy did come out he had it fixed in under 1 and 30 mins.