Riddle me this AdWords experts…

Disclaimer: I’m in no way an AdWords expert so this might be old hat to some people but I found it interesting and also a cheap way to advertise. I run Google Ads and have a few running for PoliticsInIreland. I have them running when a TD’s name is mentioned on a webpage. Google have demanded at least 45 cents per click and up to 8 euros for the likes of Bertie Ahern. I decided to bid 5 cents per click. You’d think then I’d get no ads shown or at least I did. Instead the ad that displays when Willie O’Dea is mentioned had 23,524 impressions in the past week. It tells me the average position for this ad was 5.0. For Tom Kitt the ad had 35,577 impressions in the past week. In total for 64,713 impressions, there were 33 clicks. A terribly low click-thru rate but with the name and the url displayed in the ad, maybe that’s all is needed when the ads are pretty much free.

Anyone got experiences of the same?

One Response to “Riddle me this AdWords experts…”

  1. fmk says:

    no one else bidding on those key words?

    but i’d have thought the manufacturers of moustache wax would be all over willie o’dea ….