Disclosure: I’m a judge at the Digital Media Awards

While I was away details of the Digital Media Awards were announced. These are the yearly awards that Ashville Media run. I was asked to judge a new category for the 2007 awards which is for blogging. It was pointed out to me when I was asked to be a judge that unlike the Irish Blog Awards these awards are pay to play type awards. Now I’ve gone on record before and slammed the Golden Spiders for their awards and the curious way that a sponsor of one category ends up winning another category. I’ve also expressed my unhappiness with the Netvisonary awards where if you are shortlisted and want to attend the event, you have to pay.

So why would I be a judge at this awards show? Well first I think the organisers of the Digital Media Awards want to run a respected and professional awards show and that is why they asked a genuine blogger to be the judge of the blogging category and someone that knows their stuff about podcasts to be the judge of the podcasting award. I’m not au fait with the other judges but trust they are experts in their judging areas. I also think there is plenty of room for a full blown blog awards and blog award sections in other awards shows. Lastly, I think that getting podcasting and blogging added to well known award shows will benefit the blogging and podcasting communities which are still small. It is really nice to see blogging and podcasting to rub shoulders with other areas of digital media. Oh and so you know, I am not being paid to be a judge for this.

In regards to the Irish Blog Awards themselves, I will never charge people to nominate a blog. Bookmark this post and remind me if I ever try. 🙂

Now, can we start a fund to get Twenty nominated?

9 Responses to “Disclosure: I’m a judge at the Digital Media Awards”

  1. David Doran says:

    Hey that’s great, I’m sure the winner will be one who deserves it.
    Hmm.. I clicked through to the Digital Media Awards expecting to see the usual savvy awards site but it seems a bit too much like an underground hacker site a few years back.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for a hip jazzy logo and all but the design really doesn’t do the awards’ status justice.
    My opinion anyway.
    Thought: “What’s with award websites and using template software?”

  2. Keith says:

    Agreed! I looked at it and thought to myself, “1996 called and it wants its website back!” That’s just a placeholder site, right? Right??

  3. Anthony says:

    Looking forward to these awards. I went last year and they were well run with Dave Fanning keeping things running nicely, even though there were lots of categories.

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  5. EWI says:

    Speaking of disclosure and awards:

    i) just who were the judges on the Irish Blog Awards this year?
    ii) what’s the story with that Microsoft employee who turned up as a judge, after you had earlier left the impression that they had no involvement other than sponsorship??


  6. Damien says:

    Disclose your real name and I’ll tell you.

  7. EWI says:

    Disclose your real name and I’ll tell you.

    No thanks. I’ve no wish to have any ‘friend’ of yours ringing up my workplace.

  8. Michele says:

    What payment methods do they take for nominations? I’m almost tempted to pay for Twenty’s nomination 🙂

  9. Mac says:

    Just noticed that you’re still a judge of the DMA.

    Now that you’re familiar with them for the past year or two- do you still see them as very different to the Golden Spiders?