Fluffy Links – November 6th

(Sssh I’m still not here.)

I’m not sure what this sign meant. But the comments on what people think it could mean are hilarious.

The “View Source” key. Clever idea.

Ikea are also clever souls.

Make your own dot-matrix wrist cuffs.

How to keep good posture at the computer.

Crypto humour.

Beware of the Homosexual. 1950s ad. Scary.

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – November 6th”

  1. Thaedydal says:

    Gods, funny that they didnt’ know the terms pedophile or pederast back then
    not as if those terms had not been about 1,000s of year.

  2. Will says:

    Don’t all those warnings match a canvasing politician?

  3. Tipster says:


  4. Keith says:

    Yeah, gay cooties. By talking to a gay person or even posting on their blog, you can get them too and you become gay too. Nooo… feeling… uncontrollable urge… to listen… to Abba! 🙂

  5. Adam says:

    I was trying to find one of my favourite Big Train sketches, the one on the dangers of Buggery, but I couldn’t… so enjoy one of my other favourites instead: