Da da da de da, da da da de da – New York trip

I’m off to New York next week for a week. I’m hoping to do a few things like see the Museum of Modern Art, go Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre and sample as much ethnic cuisine as possible. I was there for a whole 6 hours on a previous trip so saw nothing except very tall buildings. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Something not too touristy but still cool is what I’m after.

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  1. Gerry says:

    You could always;
    Count the number of students trying to get home who need just $2.40 for the remainder of their bus fare to get home. Surprising amount.
    Eat a hotdog from a street vendor. Dirtier the cart the better.
    Get mugged in Central Park.
    Get a Philly cheesesteak, they absolutely rock.

  2. Pat Phelan says:

    Get a subway to Coney Island and Brighton beach, stroll the boardwalk on Coney Island if its not too cold.
    Get a hot dog in Nathan’s Cooney Island
    my favorite part of the Big Apple

  3. RandomGrub says:

    You lucky bastid…enjoy!

    Go to a Yankees or Mets game, sit in the cheap seats and soak up the atmos as mad locals roar insults at each other as only New Yorkers can. Do this while drinking piss-weak beer and eating a pretzel as big as your head. An enormously entertaining few hours even if you’re not a sports fan.

    Mooch around the East Village and the Lower East Side – endless choice of kooky one-off stores, cafés, bars and restaurants.

    Gorge on treats at the Union Square Greenmarket (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat – best to go in the morning). Even if you’re not mad into food, it’s worth going along to see all the ridiculously friendly Mom-and-Pop farmers selling homemade pies and jellies and, this time of year, probably pumpkin everything.

    I was gonna say the market is like a film set but hey, all NY is like a film set. Have a blast. I am v jealous 🙁

  4. […] Mulley is off to NY next week (lucky bastard), knowing his penchant for good food he might try to find this blogging waiter who just signed a book deal and was interviewed this afternoon on the Moncrieff show on Newstalk. […]

  5. Jack M says:

    Empire State
    Statten Island Ferry, its free and the views are great
    NoLITO – North of Little Italy (Food supposed to rock)
    Battery Park
    Wall St. Get a Picture with the Bull (That’s not a hint)
    Macy’s for the shopping
    5th Ave. for the Shopping
    Woodbury Common (Via limo, for the outlets) Bus times are a pain in the ass
    Dakota Building (Where John Lennon was shot, worth seeing)
    Trump Towers
    China Town
    Broadway ……Go to a show.
    Bare Naked Ladies are on in Radio City Music hall on the 5th at 8pm
    You could try Spirit Night Club (Robbie Wooton’s NY venue)
    Meat Packer District for Hogs and Heifers

    I am heading there on the 3rd.

  6. johnmryan says:

    Did all of the above Damien have fun, i did 🙂

  7. auds says:

    Pass on the baseball, if you ask me. While there was plenty of crazy fans and they are entertaining – the game is slow, boring and if you look sideways for a minute you’ve missed the action.

    this sounds sad, but I really felt “new york” when i was able to browse a Barnes and Noble at 11pm on a Monday evening. It was mad.


    Broadway – just saw mamma mia, but it is good fun.

    Merchant’s House Museum in the east Village is well worth a visit – very cute for a museum.

    Bowery ballroom – go to whoever is playing there. V cool. and that mad shop, Economy Candy is nearby and there’s also that cool tea shop in greenwich.

    MOMA – listen to the audioguide, it’s amazing – give yourself about 7 hours.
    the Met- audioguide again – start at 9am, get lunch in CP and head back in.

    Ellis Island.

    Was supposed to go in 3 weeks, but my sister is going there for work seperately a week later so am going to Paris instead. It;s SO not the same.

  8. annette says:

    I’m in NYC at the moment – god I love this place! Go to the bar at the mandarin Oriental Hotel on Columbus Circle – it’s on the 35th floor and the views of the city are amazing..Go to the Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street and sample the cup cakes (there’s a queue and you’ll be rationed to 12 at a time :). Do the Staten Island ferry at night…later the better – the view is amazing. Go for a drink in the Beauty Bar just off Union Square – you can get great drinks and have a manicure at teh same time 🙂 Go see the Frick Collection (one of the best museums in the city). And take a whole day to go through the galleries in Chelsea. There are 450 galleries in a tiny part of the city – amazing…I could go on, and on and I have to come home on Tuesday.

  9. Listen to David Ippolito (www.thatguitarman.com) on the way over. He’ll orient your thinking to NYC after an hour.

    Take a limo from the airport to your hotel. They cost the same as a taxicab nowadays. We spent $40-$50 from JFK to Manhattan on two separate occasions.

    Buy a $10 subway pass that you can top up while you’re there because that saves bundles of money.

    MOMA often has evening or Saturday morning artist sessions and they’re always worthwhile. MOMA’s gift shop has totally excellent (and expensive) Christmas cards.

    If you drink, remember you’ll save at least 50% on all your smoking and gurgling cocktails if you time your Happy Hours right. This is important when you consume in gallon lots.

    Applecore Hotels are very reasonable and very central. We got queen-sized rooms for $130 a night–none of this PPS nonsense.

    Buy something really American (like Tootsie Rolls or Butterscotch Krimpets) in an ethnic convenience store like in Koreatown or Chinatown (if you see a brown Cowboy hat there, it might be David Bowie underneath). It’s refreshing to hearing everything but not understanding a single thing that anyone says.

    Walk a mile along the perimeter of Central Park when you visit MOMA. You’ll spot a tapestry of interesting people with shopping trollies along the way.

    Buy a soft pretzel from a street vendor only if it’s naked and hot.

    Have something for your head or ears if you head out to Ellis Island. It’s nippy along the rails and walking the paths around the Lady during this time of year. And visiting hours are cut way back since daylight is limited.

    You’ll have a blast!

  10. Conor says:

    Enjoy it, take in the atmosphere. I’d give you advice but I did all the really tourist stuff.

    But I’ve been to NY twice and still haven’t got to see the statue (weather was crap both times I was there)! 3rd time lucky maybe?

  11. James says:

    I agree 100% with Gerry here – I make a trip to USA once a year solely to get my Philly Cheesesteak fix.

  12. Daithí says:

    Baseball is indeed fun to watch, but you’ll find the ballpark quite lonely, as the season is over 😉

  13. sign up, before you go, for nonsensenyc bulletins. it’s a weekly list of independent arts events that don’t get listed in the mainstream press. At the moment, my other half is at something he found on this week’s newsletter: the Bike Kill (seen on this video in Minneapolis, but which is in Brooklyn this weekend). There’s always something worth checking out on the list.
    Also, if you’re here in time, it’d be worth trying to catch Hell House in Brooklyn. Sounds incredible. We’re going to try and go on Sunday night.

    I’m a bit Brooklyn-biased. It’s well worth hopping on the L or the G at weekends. Drop me an email if you want any bar or gallery recommendations, bookshops too. My favourite is Twelfth Street Books, which is cheap and full of gems. And for grub, go down to Chinatown and do the hotpot thing at Grand Sichuan at 125 Canal Street. Trust me, it’s really worth the $12…